16 thoughts on “You think America has a health problem?

  1. Christ, if that isn’t a thyroid problem then the parents need to lay off the damn twinkies >.>

  2. Of course she is american. Smericans have a horrible image and this needs to change. America is way too fat.

  3. Feel really bad for that girl 🙁 “Her mother fears for her life” OKAY, do something about it and not just feed her with all that greasy stuff, yeah she’s growing, but junk food isn’t good for anyone especially for growing children.. just sayin’..

  4. Just FYI~America is NOT the fattest nation on earth, you know. Geez. Nauru, Micronesia, the Cook Islands and Tonga, Niue, Samoa and Palau are the top 7. Bust on them for a while.

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