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A crap called Real

The big bad amazing extraordinary awesome incredible Real opened its gates for Bucharest yesterday! Hurray! Ok, now that we said it from a commercial point of view, you might even want to go there, right? Well, I did. I went there at 5pm and saw aabout 50 people waiting in a queue to get in. I thought it was a promotion or something, so I waited a bit and a miracle happened. All those people were allowed to get inside, so I was one of the lucky ones that got in without having to wait!

Why do I say lucky? Well, take a look at the photo I took when I got out half an hour later:

Yes! All those people wait in that queue to enter a hypermarket!

They wait for an hour to get inside and buy some damn sugar and oil!

And this happens in … no, not in Africa, in 2007 in Romania, member of the European Union.

Of course, you might think products are at half price, or that they give stuff for free perhaps? Actually, the biggest discount I found was for about 50 cents. Yes, that’s half a dollar “discount”.

It’s simply incredible how some people think, or better said, don’t.

And for those that have no idea where Bucharest is, Real is not the first hypermarket or anything, there are at least 10 more only in Bucharest. So .. yeah, next time you feel like laughing, take a trip there, it will pretty much feel like a trip though time.