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How to remove from startup

In case you noticed that each time your computer starts, cmd flashes up and automatically opens the browser (Google Chrome in my case) and then redirected to, it’s basically a small malware that infected your computer.

The fix is pretty easy though:

  1. Reboot your computer into Safe Mode (press F8 while before the Windows logo appears)
  2. Open Registry Editor: press Start, type regedit and then press Enter
  3. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER – Software – Microsoft – Windows – CurrentVersion – Run
  4. Regedit

  5. Click cmd item
  6. Press Delete to remove it
  7. Reboot computer

When your computer boots up, you should no longer see any browser opening automatically.

Please note that your default page might also be set to, you just need to set it back to your favorite one (blank,, whatever suits you).

Eboundhost Review

I don’t do reviews too often, but since I had to move from the old hosting and tested Eboundhost, I really wanted to do a review to tell the others about their services.

They have all types of hosting, from the shared hosting which starts from $3.95 (yes, that’s right, not even $4 for a whole month of hosting) – unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, with Cpanel/WHM, as well as a free domain name and more professional services for VPS and even dedicated servers.

For most people a $3.95/month account is more than enough, but if you intend to host more cpu-intensive applications or more websites, you should consider at least a VPS account. They have a very nice offer – for $41 / month (payed annually) you can have 300 GB of storage, 750 GB traffic monthly and Cpanel/Plesk for free. I think this is a really nice option for heavy-traffic blogs for example or very dynamic websites.

Also, please note that there are no hidden limits – many hosting providers put a quite low limit for number of files and/or number of inodes – 95% of all users never reach them, but then again, it did happen to me, so that was one of my search criteria.

So far I’ve been impressed by the performance, also really good support, so I strongly recommend it for anyone.

Oh, and if you want to signup you can use these coupons to get a free discount too:

fpovps – 15.00% One Time Discount (for VPS)
fpofdh – 5.00% One Time Discount (for dedicated hosting)

Sign up for an account at now

How to validate e-mail address in MySQL

Most people validate e-mail addresses in a normal programming language, such as PHP and that is a very good idea when you process user input and such, however sometimes you want to validate data already entered in a database.

Take this example: you have a comments table where each person can enter an e-mail address, but since it’s an optional field you don’t even validate the input. However when you need to send a newsletter you don’t want to process all fields and validate one by one, you want to use a single query and just get all e-mail addresses (eventually by adding additional rules as well), so here’s how you can do it in MySQL:

FROM `m_comment`
WHERE `comment_url`
REGEXP ‘(.*)@(.*)\.(.*)’

Sure, you can optimize the query, but it’s a simple regular expression which .. well, in most cases is good enough.