32 thoughts on “Perspective motivational poster

  1. that is stupid and bad i think you should delete it and go to church NEVER do anything like that again. I HATE IT.

  2. This is smart and good. I think you should keep it and spend your summer thinking that god might not actually care all that much about people talking to him. Do it again, I LIKE IT!

  3. This is average and neutral. I think you should possibly keep or not keep it and join FSM. I FEEL NEUTRAL ABOUT IT.

  4. upside down boobs, hair pie, church and a good old fashioned rick rollin….good times

  5. I speak for all Straight men when i say that the only problem with that picture is that DAMNED SHIRT!!! its completely unneeded am I right of am I Right?

  6. Is that fantastic louvre panelling I see? Possibly in a white silk emulsion? I can’t quite make out whether it’s real or imitation louvres, but if real – WOW! Excellent snap, thanks!

  7. It’s clear that those are fake.

    You can see that the edges of the panelling lack the distinct rounding that louvre panelling ordinarily has.

    I’d say this is a well done knock off, might still be imported though.

  8. oh my sweet lord, i am rather quite tempted to bash ones bishop excessivly…

  9. that first comment was even funnier than the picture.

    god i hate stupid people.

  10. What could be more fascinating view than of that. The good thing about perspective is it can be of different ideas and choose the better view that our eyes can be mesmerized with. Honestly, that pic stirs my sexual urge.


  11. This photo is obviously photoshopped. Louvre paneling that nice? Giant boobs? Hairline nipple peaking out?

    The world is just not that perfect, i’m sorry.

  12. whaa… I have not cried in like 10 years… this picture makes me so happy, so happy that I am now crying. I can’t stop crying. This is proof enough for me that god exists. I’m going to church.

  13. We have ignition. The boosters burned a sunset orange as it took off from the ground, scorching it in a perfect charcoal black. The take-off seemed well, but Orwell could tell that something was wrong. The angle. Oh God the angle, he thought. He ran towards the control booth while jabbering instructions into the mike. But it was too late. The spaceship cranked sideways and wrenched itself apart into a million sparkling pieces. Melted debris filled the sky like a dazzling meteor shower, raining its wrath on the earth below. “Another failed attempt, Orwell.” George sighed, stroking his chin and gazed unseeingly into the two suns setting. “Looks like we’re stuck here forever.”

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