MinimizeToTray Extension for Firefox 3

Firefox 3 sure is a nice version of the popular browser, and the statistics confirm it: 8,000,000 downloads in first 24 hours.

However, with new versions come incompatibilities with old extensions, small glitches and bugs (actually I didn’t see any of the last two). But the thing that irked me most was the fact that I could not use my MinimizeToTray Extension. Although the new version is much faster to load, it is much more convenient to keep it in the tray bar and save all your tabs.

The good news is that an update for it was released by Fentzy and hopefully it will get updated on the official website as well soon, but for now, here’s where you can get it from:

Download: minimizetotray.aviary.2006022107.xpi.html

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